Building A Better World Through The Blockchain

Beacon is an unique cryptocurrency project building a conglomerate of transparent and legitimate platforms in a trust-less industry. 

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Coming Soon

Beacon's Mission

Beacon is a cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to be blockchain's first conglomerate. With scalability and utility in mind, Beacon will launch multiple revenue-generating platforms over time to establish this Beacon Ecosystem. The greatest strength of cryptocurrency is decentralization, a single entity does not have authority over the system.


Beacon was designed to implement that decentralized attribute directly into the structure of the project. This is done through several utilities supporting the Beacon Project.


The primary focus of the Beacon Team is to run a transparent and ethical project. Taking the long road to make the many platforms within the Ecosystem legitimate, through business filings and third-party audits, will provide the cryptocurrency industry with a project worth emulating. 

Core Principles


Dream Big,
Execute Small




Proof Of Consumption (PoCon)

Originate by Beacon's Founder, PeasantForHire, in coordination with Trittium project, Proof of Consumption is the next evolution of cryptocurrency projects that aim to prove their utility through revenue sharing. 

PoCon is a way to reward long term coin holders while also reducing the circulating supply of coins. When coins are used in a project's utility or use case, the coins collects are split up. Some coins are held by the team, a portion are burned forever, and another portion are sent to coin holders in the form of a bonus. 

The more revenue and utility a coin has, the more revenue that is shared with holders. This tangible proof of utility and coin consumption raises the bar for any project when it comes to performance and a continued push for excellence.


In order for Beacon to have multiple platforms and projects within its ecosystem, the Beacon team quickly realized that cultivating an environment of cooperation and inclusion was essential. The Beacon Incubator is an open invitation for developers and entrepreneurs.

If a developer has a great idea for a revenue-generating platform, the Beacon Incubator allows them to utilize the Beacon ecosystem, team, resources, reputation, and community to build their idea into a successful platform. The project’s developer will be the Project Lead and be provided continually support, marketing, and management from the Beacon core team and founder.

In return, the developer and their team will join the Beacon team. The Beacon coin will be the primary utility coin for the platform. Revenue and value of the platform will be shared between the team members directly involved in the platform’s success. In addition, developers will have opportunities to assist with other projects as well, earning more potential revenue.

Beacon Incubator


Beacon Project, LLC

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